Why a Printed Catalog Just Makes Good Sense

Printed Catalog Advantages for Marketing

We live in a digital age so it may seem like print is extinct. However, this is a myth. A physical item for marketing may increase the profits of your business. As online ads become an overcrowded market, a printed catalog will help reach new customers and increase website traffic.

Reach New Customers

One way to increase business is by reaching new customers. Mailing a catalog or postcard is a simple way to build your brand’s identity. It is a more personal way of inviting someone to shop at your store. A printed catalog also focuses solely on your product and company. There are no other ads to get distracted by or click bait to get in the way of your marketing. It reaches new customers because it can be sent to people that may have never heard of the company or do not know much about your business.

Increase Site Traffic

Mailing a physical marketing tool to a client can grow site traffic and sales. A catalog allows a company to tell a story in a way that is limited through a digital experience. Someone can imagine the product and relate to it the way a business wants to portray it. This type of marketing, especially during the holidays, will increase website traffic and profit.

Personalize Catalogs Based on Website Activity

With the help of an online presence, a physical catalog can be personalized to a customer’s preferences. Sending a catalog to loyal customers may help increase what they purchase. Using their shopping history, a story can be created to associate other items the company sells directly to a customer. Suggesting ways for client to utilize the product in their home can make you more profitable. Printed catalogs have many advantages for marketing. They create a personal touch that the customer desires. They allow your business to tell the story it wants. Don’t be fooled into an online only marketing approach. Print is not extinct. Grab a stamp and portray your business in a way that only be done by a beautifully created catalog.

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